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Binance Futures Trading Terminology Comprehensive Video.
Today’s video is for those who are new to binance cryptocurrency exchange.
I think there are a lot of terms you don’t know when you look up various materials.
I put together a video on YouTube.
Plus what you said on YouTube.
I want to post it on my blog.
If you want to watch the video, you can check the video below.
In general, we talk a lot about positions, leverage, longs and shorts.
I think it might be very unfamiliar to those who are meeting for binance zviri pamutemo the first time.
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Glossary of terms long and short.
The most used terms when trading on Binance Futures are:
For example, let’s say the coin I want to buy is Bitcoin.
If you think the price of this bitcoin will go up, you are betting long.
If you bet like that, you can actually make a profit when the price of Bitcoin goes up and lose money when the price goes down.
Think of it as a normal spot transaction.
Now short is the opposite.
This is a trading method that is impossible in spot trading and only possible in futures trading.
For example, if you think the price of Bitcoin is likely to fall, you are betting short.
It is a structure where you can earn profits by going down.
Unlike longs, you lose money when the price goes up.
This is the concept of long and binance cryptocurrency exchange revisión nerdwallet short used in futures trading.
Because you can make a profit even in a down market.
Good use of longs and shorts can yield more returns than spot trading.
Glossary of terms Leverage.
This is the leverage feature of futures trading.
Leverage is a word that comes up a lot when talking about the long and short futures trading we discussed earlier.
Leverage means using someone else’s capital as leverage to increase the return on equity capital.
Think of it as the leverage effect.
So, in order to make big money with less money, they borrow more money from outside and trade.
To put it simply, you can think of trading at several times your own money.
For example, if you bet 10 times on 100,000 won as a short bet,
Even if you raise it by 10%, 1% of 100,000 won is 1% of 1,000 won.
That way you can earn $10,000.
Conversely, a 10% drop means you lose all bets.
Liquidation takes place. (Beware of forced liquidation)
So with higher leverage, you can produce more, but.
You have to be able to take that risk.
You can make more money, but your losses also increase.
Risk management becomes important, but beginners use.
It is recommended to trade with low leverage.
Leverage and Margin.
Leverage and Margin.
Now when you set up leverage and try to trade futures, there is a saying called margin.
Simply put, you can think of it as just the balance you have.
Before taking a leveraged position (long/short)
means the required amount, that is, a kind of deposit,
For example, I only have $10,000, but.
To hold a position worth $50,000, use only $10,000 as margin.
If you hold a position worth $50,000, you get 5x leverage.
The risk is also multiplied by 5.
This margin can be added to lower risk or adjust the liquidation price.
Depending on the leverage ratio you set, you can use it even with a small amount.
Then the higher the leverage, the higher the risk.
Glossary of terms position.
When you trade long or short, the trade you hold is called a position.
Many people also express that they maintain their position.
For example, use 2x leverage with $50,000.
If you bought 100,000 Ripple long, you would get 100,000 dollars of Ripple.
It means you have a ripple position.
as well as vice versa.
$50,000 with 2x leverage.
If you bought a short $100,000 Ripple, you would get $100,000 worth of Ripple.
It means you have a short position.
Glossary of terms forced liquidation.
Liquidation, forced liquidation, margin call.
This is a story about leverage risk in futures trading.
When we talked about leverage above, we talked about liquidation for a while.
Liquidation is literally liquidation.
It’s called liquidation in English.
If the loss exceeds the margin (own balance), it becomes a forced liquidation.
Overseas gifts are also referred to as loss cuts.
For example, after using 10x leverage with a margin of 1 million won.
I borrowed 9 million won and made a long bet with a total of 10 million won.
If 10% drops from the time of placing the bet, the.
loss will occur.
In this case, because the loss exceeds the margin.
You can think of it as (compulsory) liquidation.
Glossary of terms Funding Fee.
Funding Fee.
Unlike the spot exchange where you cannot borrow money, it is not a fee that the exchange takes.
Leverage allows you to borrow money to trade.
that the price gap on futures exchanges widens too sharply.
This is a system to prevent it.
For example, if there is some good news, the spot exchange.
It only went up a little, but you can borrow money on the futures exchange.
People can buy with ignorance.
You can think of it as a system in place to close the price gap.
Because the funding fee is determined by the ratio of long and short for each exchange,
Each exchange is slightly different and policies are slightly different.
Basically, the person in the advantageous position should give to the disadvantaged position.
On Binance and Bybit, every 8 hours.
We pay three times a day at a set time.
In the case of FTX, I understand that it is paid every hour.
You may think that the method is different rather than which one is better.
Briefly explain how to calculate the funding cost.
You can think of it as paying a % of the funding fee according to the size of your position.3 years ago

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